Photo by Jair Quint – UFSC Communication Agency (AGECOM)



The Planning and Budget Office (SPB/SEPLAN) is an administrative unit of the Federal University of Santa Catarina designated to the planning e and financial administration of the institution aiming for a good management of its resources and capacities.

In order to assist the rectory in its executive activities in the field of Planning, Budget, Accounting, Financial Management, Monitoring of Management and Institutional assessment. It’s importance is related to the need of integration between all the instances of the University when it comes to planning and the Institutional accounts, regarding the thoughts, intentions and wills of each of the units, as well as accountability. 

This planning is being studied to allow that initiatives could be taken and an outcome could be achieved in short, medium and long term. All of this to ensure that the University could structure it’s measures aiming to work for the maintenance of educational quality. 

It’s team is divided into one department centered on planning, development and information, and two departments oriented towards the budget field, accounting and financial, envisioning to systematize the actions of all departments, courses, centers, and Pro-Rectorates. 

 Profª. Andrea Cristina Trierweiller



To coordinate Institutional Planning, Budgetary and Financial Management, Accounting, Institutional Evaluation, as well as the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements.

To propose institutional values and guidelines for management excellence;

To perform other activities inherent to the area or delegated by competent authority.



To promote and coordinate the planning and evaluation,budgetary and financial processes, as well as receiving and application of resources, systematizing and disseminating information for the continuous improvement of UFSC.



To be an unit of excellence in promoting UFSC’s actions.