Accounting and Finance Department (DCF)

The responsibilities of the Accounting and Finance Department (DCF) are:

  • plan, organize, coordinate and control the Department’s activities and delegate competencies;
  • propose guidelines on the Budget and Financial Management Policy, as well as provide reports, information and suggestions to the Office on related matters.
  • coordinate, analyze and monitor the accounting records of financial and asset acts and facts.
  • coordinate and monitor complementary activities of personnel and material administration, in compliance with the institution’s general policy.
  • guide the elaboration of the Department’s Annual Activities Report, and coordinate the unit’s strategic planning activities and actions;
  • examine and control the collection services and payment processes;
  • guide and monitor the accountability of agreements signed by UFSC;
  • present the University’s balance sheets along with their respective reports to the competent authorities, observing the legal deadlines;
  • elaborate the University’s annual accountability report;
  • carry out other activities inherent to the area or that may be assigned by a competent authority.

Director: Rafael Jaime de Souza

Phone: +55 48 3721-4213